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Forensic Psychology Services For Lawyers and Law Firms 

Forensic Psychology Services in Greater Boston; Information and Recommendations on Pain & Suffering of Your Clients

Dr. Pollets has worked on numerous cases involving physical and/or psychological damage. He recently provided expert forensic evaluation for many of the victims of sexual abuse in the Boston Archdiocese sexual abuse scandal.

For Lawyers:

Dr. Pollets can help you determine the actual value of the pain and suffering your client experienced as the result of their injury. He is able to help you ascertain both short or long-term psychological treatments needs and make recommendations as to a particular case. He will effectively describe his findings to a jury and be an asset to a case as an expert witness.

Independent and Quality Forensic Evaluations:

Your case can be strengthened by independent forensic evaluation. Dr. Pollets provides comprehensive assessment and detailed reports, which include causation analysis. The report will include:

  • A qualitative analysis of the extent of the trauma or injury
  • The psychological (emotional, cognitive, and personality) damage incurred in the trauma or injury
  • The specific relationship defined between the event and resulting psychological injury (causation analysis)
  • Treatment needs and recommendations for ongoing psychological care.
Dr. Pollets can be of particular help in cases that involve psychological damage associated with:
  • Spinal Cord injuries, head injuries or other physical injuries where they are associated with psychological issues
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Cases involving victims of sexual abuse