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Public Speaking

Dr. Pollets is a well recognized expert in sex therapy and Mindfulness approaches in psychotherapy.  He is an engaging speaker, providing information and insights and doing so in an entertaining and humorous way.  Dr. Pollets will tailor his talk to best suit the needs of the group he is speaking to.  He is available to speak at your function, meeting, or convention. Please click here to Book Dr. Pollets to Speak.

His current topics are Stress and Your Body: New Findings & also Internet Addiction: Big Problem for Family and Business

Abstract of Talks:

Stress and Your Body: New Findings:

Stress is defined as the organisms’ mind and body response to the perception that one is threatened and control is difficult to manage.  Whether stress becomes a health concern for you depends on a number of factors other than the particulars of the stressful situation itself.  These include how much social support the person has, social status (upper is better), personality, and general quality of health.  Stress in manageable doses is actually health promoting and the mastery of which builds strength.  However, if the stressful situation is overwhelming and chronic, the body’s systems are worn thin and will eventually breakdown resulting in illness and disease.

Dr. Pollets will describe how the stress response impacts on biologic and psychological systems.  The listener will learn the ins and outs of the most recent findings in the stress and disease literature and what can be done to reduce susceptibility to stress related disease and promote optimal coping.

Internet Addiction: Big Problem for Families and Business:

In all its forms, substance (drugs), alcohol, gambling, sex, work, etc., addiction is reaching epidemic proportions in this society.  It has been estimated to affect seven out of ten families.  It costs business billions in lost productivity and increased medical costs.  Addiction takes a profound toll on family functioning and of course on individual well-being.   In a compelling talk, Dr. Pollets will focus on the contemporary and insidious addiction to internet phenomenon.  This includes compulsive use of the computer, face book, chatrooms, and or course, all forms of pornography.  Internet addiction is the “new kid” on the block in the world of addiction treatment and is rapidly becoming a massive problem to family and work place.  Those who are vulnerable to self-medicative strategies for coping with stress and have social anxiety find internet pornography a virtually seamless method for relieving pain, managing stress, and distracting oneself from anxiety and depression.  Internet pornography provides instant access, immediate gratification and a relatively inexpensive way to be “pleasured.”  The porn addict can waste hours in compulsive pursuit of sexual gratification.

Dr. Pollets has many years experience treating the sexually compulsive.  In a riveting talk, he will share his expertise about who develops this compulsion, how to recognize it, and what treatments work.  Listeners will leave the talk with a thorough understanding of sex addiction.