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Psychotherapy Group for Men

Using the work of Terry Real and Pia Mellody

Facilitated by Dan Pollets, Ph.D.

Mondays: 6 -7:30 92 High Street, Medford Square 781 391 8899

Due to what has been described as "psychological patriarchy," men often come into adult relationships unprepared for the challenge of intimacy.

  • We have been taught that vulnerability is “unmanly.”
  • We have been reinforced for Type A behaviors such as striving, achieving, “doing”, and performing.

Our awareness is directed outwards into accumulating things, opportunities, and achievements instead of inwards towards understanding ourselves and our feelings. Medicating a sense of unworthiness with substance or other forms of addictive behavior is sometimes the only way to gain relief. Our relationships with our significant others, as a result, are often conflicted, distant, and unfulfilled. We may have lacked an available father, leaving us feeling deficient and empty inside.

Dr. Pollets will lead a process-oriented psychotherapy group with the objective of addressing the issues described above relevant to men and relationship. The group will function as a safe and supportive haven where shameful issues can be shared without judgment. The group will provide an experience of intimate communication. Proper boundaries will be modeled and empathy taught as a skill. Mindfulness will also be taught as the means of cultivating awareness or “secondary consciousness”. The goal of this group is to develop mindful awareness of the self (intrapersonal intimacy) as well as promote the capacity for closer intimacy with significant others.

The group will meet every Monday 6:00 at Dr. Pollets’ office in Medford

The cost of group will be $45 per session (not billable to insurance) The session is an hour and half long

Dr. Pollets is on the faculty of the Relational Life Institute and in private practice in Medford. He is on the staff of Winchester Hospital, is a certified ASSECT sex therapist and a Associate Clinical Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. He has over 28 years experience as psychotherapist. You can visit him on his web site at

For more information about this group, please contact Dr. Pollets for a consultation