By Dan Pollets. For Clients with depression, anxiety, adjustment to stress, relationship loss, addiction recovery (substance, alcohol, sex), and sexual problems.

Dr. Pollets works to fashion a treatment plan that meets the individual needs of the client.  His goal is to work with the client to develop specific goals of the treatment and to produce behavioral change.  He is interested equally in emotion, thoughts (cognition), and behavior.  He is likely to give attention to the client’s family of origin and attachment style in order to understand his present life dilemma. Skills and capacities are then developed so the problem can be addressed and overcome.  Dr. Pollets is comfortable working with clients in more traditional models of change (psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral), he is likely to offer the client treatment that has been informed by eastern or Buddhist psychology called Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Oriented Psychotherapy:

Dr. Pollets is able to integrate mindfulness practice into the traditional treatment paradigm. Mindfulness Practice is developing the capacity to step away from self-defeating thoughts, dysregulated emotions, and compulsive behavior by “letting go” and coming back to the present moment reality.  Mindfulness is a state of mind cultivated through meditation.

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More About Meditation:

Mindfulness is the lynchpin of Buddhist Psychology and is practiced as a means of training attention and improving awareness.

The objective is to reduce suffering. Suffering in this psychology is conceptualized as resulting from our inability to accept change or impermanence and to remain attached (to whatever does not serve us including self-defeating thoughts and emotions).  When we are mindful we are in a mental state of “non-reactive, non-judgmental awareness.” 
We practice (meditation) to be with things as they are and not as we wish them to be, the way they were, or even as we think they might be in the future.  When mindful, we are present in the moment, leaning in to what is happening, embracing whatever presents itself with equanimity and gratitude.

Therapeutic Approach: What you will encounter in your sessions with Dr. Pollets:

Dr. Pollets takes an active, practical, and problem-focused approach to his work with clients.  He is interested in producing behavioral change in the client's emotional life and relationships. 

He respects the role of family of origin, family history, and attachment style in shedding light and understanding on the client’s current life and relationship difficulties.  He is open and honest with feedback, liberally sharing his understanding, perspective and interpretations.  He proceeds in the therapy work by involving the client in an ongoing assessment of the goals, progress and satisfaction with the treatment.  Dr. Pollets' objective is to fashion a treatment that best fits the needs of the client every step of the way.