Couples Therapy & Sex Therapy for Couples

By Dan Pollets. Dr. Pollets offers highly effective couples therapy and sex therapy for couples. He has been thoroughly trained in two cutting edge, state-of-the-art couples treatment modalities: Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) and Relational Life Therapy (RLT)

The Goal of Couples Therapy:  To move the couple from Insecure Attachment to Secure Attachment.

Dr. Pollets works in an active, compassionate and empathic style in order to identify the negative “dance” that is creating the couples problems.  A new experience of attachment is created.  The client will experience Dr. Pollets as a deeply respectful and caring therapist.  He delivers into the therapeutic work a rare blend of emotional intelligence, expert therapeutic technique intermixed with a keen sense of lightness and humor.

How Therapy will help you to change and
transform your relationship:

The Process:

  • To create a safe, secure and confidential place in which to discuss your current relationship difficulties.

  • To define and understand the strong emotions that lead to painful fights or the icy withdrawal that characterizes the pattern in your relationship.

  • To explore family of origin history in order to see how your early family dynamics might be playing out in the current relationship drama.

  • To help partners see and label the problematic relationship pattern or “dance” and how strong and underlying emotions (fear, hurt, abandonment) are being triggered.  This self-defeating pattern then becomes the “enemy,” and the couple is taught to step away from the negative pattern.
  • The couple is guided and taught to use effective relational skills such as empathic listening, speaking the truth with skill and moderation, and how to repair disharmony.

  • New and effective ways of interacting and solving problems then emerge as the couple learns how to reach for each other and create new intimate bonding experiences.  Partners are taught and reinforced for being able to express their emotional needs and wants with skill and grace.

  • The reward and goal for this work is you’re creating a deeper intimacy and secure attachment. This process typically takes six months but of course varies with the specifics of the case.