About Dr. Dan Pollets

Dr. Pollets has over 35 years of psychotherapy experience treating a vast array of psychological problems in many different clinical settings. 

He worked in rehabilitation psychology and behavioral medicine at Boston Medical Center for 17 years. 

He consulted to the Center for Sexual Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine for over ten years. 

He has been a staff psychologist at Winchester Hospital.  Currently, he is in full time private practice in Medford, Massachusetts. 

He has advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and family systems, couples, group and sex therapy. 

He is an ASSECT Diplomate in Sex Therapy and Associate Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Boston University Medical School.

Dr. Pollets received his BA from Washington University in St. Louis, attended New York University (Masters Program in Psychology) and received his doctorate from Boston University in Personality and Clinical Psychology.

Therapeutic Approach: What you will encounter in your sessions with Dr. Pollets:

Dr. Pollets takes an active, practical, and problem-focused approach to his work with clients.  He is interested in producing behavioral change in the client’s emotional life and relationships.  He respects the role of family of origin, family history, and attachment style in shedding light and understanding on the client’s current life and relationship difficulties.  He is open and honest with feedback, liberally sharing his understanding, perspective and interpretations.  He proceeds in the therapy work by involving the client in an ongoing assessment of the goals, progress and satisfaction with the treatment.  Dr. Pollets’ objective is to fashion a treatment that best fits the needs of the client every step of the way.

Dr. Dan Pollets is an ASSECT credentialed sex therapist and well trained in cutting edge couples, individual and group therapies. 

Dr. Pollets is in private practice in Medford, Massachusetts and treats patients from Boston, Cambridge, Arlington, Winchester, Somerville, Melrose and the greater Boston Metro MA area.  He is Associate Clinical Professor at Boston University School of Medicine and a published author in the Psychology Today web site.